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Cyber Governance Tool
Goma was built for smart companies that want to do more
than just mitigate risk.

Cyber Governance means owning the experience and impact of your technology infrastructure, not just checking off compliance and risk boxes.

Goma gives you the reins with performance insight into 3 key domain areas: People, Tools, and Governance. A clear and collaborative action plan with No-BS language keeps IT and leadership connected, with visual reporting whenever you want.

Set Goals Based On Likelihood and Potential Impact

Access exclusive peer data to see how you stack up to help you reach achievable, competitive goal states that delight customers, employees, and risk auditors alike.

Visualize your current state

Identify the gaps between today and where you're going with a visual snapshot of your organizational state.

Get updates on progress, anytime

Download and print reports whenever you need to show performance, in a beautiful format that's easy to understand.

Cyber governance puts you in control

Risk hurts. Get ahead of vulnerabilities without losing the experience your technology was designed to create.

Better experiences

Discover exceptional user experience at its most compliant. Make people-centered decisions at the IT level through risk-balancing measures that don't ruin the fun for your team and customers.

Simple to use, visual data I actually understand, and reports that get the board off my back.

John D., CTO
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